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Gas & Electric Lines

Our utility division also offers a wide variety of utility services for residential and commercial applications:

Underground Gas lines

Working with natural gas requires extreme caution and expertise, that is why we make sure all our technicians are certified up to the highest standards. Each technician is trained directly by local gas utility Nation fuel Gas, & the Northeast Gas Association. We follow their procedures and testing to ensure the customers can be left with a 100% safety and satisfaction.

We specialize in:

  • Residential gas lines
  • Large Diameter gas lines 2''+
  • Air testing & underground leak detection
  • Pool heaters/ generator lines

Don't Get Shorted

Underground Electric Lines

As similar to natural gas, no one wants an amateur working on there electricity, our team of licensed electricians have the knowledge and equipment to make underground wiring a breeze.

We specialize in:

  • New build underground services
  • Conduit trenching
  • Subpanel feeds
  • Spool trailer & wiring pulling equipment
  • Pedestal/farm services